Friday, April 11, 2008

Toyota Martix drinks Kool-Aid, becomes cool

Dude. I dunno if it was Saatchi or what, but the new micro-Web-campaign is really the good stuff. Not because it totally blows the doors off in an Internet domination sort of way - but because I actually NEEDed to click on the banner:

Ham radios? wtf? I love it. This is the kind of stuff you always wanted to push through, but your account team (because they "really know the client") would poo poo out of the gate.

Click through to a really wet site with a really sick new viral tool (this "trick your friend with a video we build using facts you give us" thing... simpler than it sounds) that is fun and fast. The Matrix is there, but not something you have to go around. Just there for your perusal if you so desire, it made me want to check it out because it wasn't being jammed down my throat like a 3 foot wood carving of the word "Zoom." No offense Mazda but your advertising sucks.

Here's a few more "soon to be obsolete" banners (from this campaign) that everyone looks at but no one wants to admit it because so many suck (but these are rad):

K, I'm done. Much love Toyota agency or freelance duo that made this sing.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008